7 Best Web Apps for College Students

As a college student, you have more resources than ever to make the most of your university career, from apps to help you study to computer programs that help you design a dorm room layout. Technology can make a tough course load manageable and a packed social schedule a little less demanding. Whether attending medical school, arts programs or technology colleges, these apps will help you succeed. Here are the seven best apps to help you manage all aspects of your college experience.

1.) Cramster.com

It’s like being able to attend a study group without having to change out of your pajamas. Cramster.com is an online social network of fellow students seeking homework help. You can either study with different students studying the same subject at schools across the country or form a virtual study group with your classmates.

2.) ipl2

This site offers access to a wide variety of resources. It is like having an entire library at your fingertips. ipl2 also offers a 24/7 “Ask a Librarian” feature for when you need a little help to find what you are looking for. Get all the sources for the big paper without ever leaving your desk.

3.) Flash Card Machine

If you have ever had to study for a big exam, you have probably made a set of flash cards to help memorize the material. With the Flash Card Machine app, you can create interactive flash cards that you can share with your fellow classmates or even the Flash Card Machine community. You can also utilize the app on your iPod or iPad, so you can study anywhere, anytime.

4.) Mynoteit

Record your class notes easily and accurately with the Mynoteit app. You can share your notes with other members of your class, so that you can all work from a thorough set of notes as well as help out class members who have missed class due to illness or other reasons. The app also makes notes easily searchable so you are not leafing through hundreds of notebook pages just to find an answer to one question.

5.) Design Your Dorm

Reduce clutter and roommate conflict with this 3-D web based app that allows you and your prospective roommate to decide how to place your dorm furniture as well as determine who is bringing what items well before moving day.

6.) Mint

Manage your budget with Mint, a financial app that helps you track your spending and manage your cash so you are never short on pizza money again.

7.) Class Buddy

Never be surprised by a grade again with this handy app. Class Buddy allows you to organize your class schedules, enter grades received for assignments, and keep track of your performance in your classes so you are never left wondering where you stand in a course.

Between social commitments, class obligations, and other responsibilities, college life can be hectic. Taking advantage of the apps available that can make your life easier can take some of the stress away and allow you to enjoy your college experience just a little bit more. Find more helpful education information at TechnologyColleges.Info.


7 Best Web Apps for College Students — 12 Comments

  1. Those never existed during my college days. Today’s development in the mobile computing world is really a great milestone for technology to help mankind in fulfilling many significant duties in life.

  2. wow I like that cramster site it seems you can ask for help to others, I just hope it was successful because sometime talking to different nation was hard

  3. this blog post is WRONG, the best apps for college students are:

    Angry Birds
    Angry Birds RIO
    Angry Birds Seasons
    Angry Birds Space
    Angry Birds Magic

    He he he!

  4. Awts.. nung college ako, wala pa ang mga ito. Notebooks and a PC, yun lang gamit ko noon.. One thought, though… Hving the best online/gadget applications doesn’t guarantee na magiging BEST na ang student. Pero syempre, merong advantage.. Kelangan pa ring magsipag sa pag-aral.. Dapat hindi lahat nakadepnde na sa gadgets.. πŸ™‚

  5. Now if only I’ve learned of these sites when I was still a college student… LOL! Anyhow, the kids have it easy nowadays. Lucky them XD

  6. nong aqu nag aaral wala nito sayang sana naging madali ang pagaaral ko dati… swerte ng new generation….