Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version Released

The Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version was actually released last October 7, 2011.

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version

However, up until now, I haven’t tried it for my desktop computer. Obviously, it is because I am only having one computer set here. The chrome remote desktop beta version is best fitted to computer networks – those having several computers in a network.

Speaking of desktops, my sister is planning to buy herself a new computer desktop. She wants to have an i series-operated one just like mine. But mine here is yet an i3. It ain’t bad at all, for as long as my computer is working fast that could go and swing with my online needs.

UP Pep Squad performs in Azkals game vs Nepal

After bagging home the cheerleading champion title for this year, the UP Pep Squad performed their shortened winning cheer leading routine in the Azkals game versus Nepal in Rizal Memorial Stadium last Tuesday.

One of the stunts of UP Pep Squad with their Madonna-inspired look

I haven’t seen the shortened version live during the game of Azkals verus Nepal, I just made use of the online video uploads because of my class. As usual, UP Pep Squad was doing great. They really were fighting and still standing high for the name they have been carrying for more than three consecutive years – the cheerleading champion in the country bagging the cheerleading trophies.

The UP Pep Squad will be joining the Cheerleading World Championship this coming November 26 and 27, 2011 in Hong Kong.

More power UP Pep Squad!

Rick Ross Suffers Seizure

Rick Ross suffered seizure inside an airplane flying from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis.

Rapper Rick Ross

The plane had an emergency landing for Ross’ health condition.

Choose Suitable Watches for You

As we know, watches are always deemed as the unique and fashionable accessory for everyone. Frequently, they can represent people’s social position. No doubt that high-class and particular watches tends to make them additional self confidence and proudly. In addition to this, folks also can know your character and favor by the watch he use. So watches engage in a vital role in the lifestyle.

To begin with, I will talk about the new powered Swiss watches. These Swiss watches are powered by the photovoltaic cells. Devoid of our imagining, these watches are quite extraordinary on earth. And many of them are welcomed by some scientists.

And, another brand I must say is tag heuer replica watches. Replica Rolex watches are luxury, fashion and not expensive. It is known the superb Europe Swiss watches took years to improve and develop. Frequently, people will intend to use it in particular event, there’s no question it would made you incredibly fashion and unique among all.

At last, designer watches are the best and fashionable, and also well-known and might attract more eye balls; conversely, these are very high-class and might get people to self confidence in community.

New Facebook App for iPad RELEASED!

At long last, a new Facebook app for iPad is out now!

Facebook App for iPad

This time, it is said to be better than the one existing because the newly released app is having a more pleasing in appearance where the fonts and font sizes are just enough to the screen.

I am really waiting for this app since the Facebook app for iPad that I am using today ain’t that good to look at. It looks like messy in my iPad. Another app or software that I would want to have my iPad 2 on is the document management software. My documents saved in my iPad is also getting messier every time I add more everyday. My mom suggested me to look for one, actually, and up until now I am still lurking for it.

Hopefully, soon enough I could grab one.

Google Doodles Art Clokey 90th Birthday

Google today is getting artistic! Haven’t you noticed it?

Well, you should take a look at the Google homepage today before it will change back to it’s normal boring one. LOL!

Just before clicking each artistic animations

Awesome animation when each button is being clicked

I was having fun viewing the animations every time I each buttons. They’re getting me amazed. Haha.

Today, actually, Google doodles the 90th birthday of Arthur Art Clokey who was the pioneer of the clay animations. You should try Google’s homepage today, playing at those animated clays. Hehe!

Larry Martin, First Filipino ‘Biggest Loser’

The 36-year-old Larry Martin was proclaimed as the first Filipino Biggest Loser on Saturday, October 8, 2011.

Image lifted from

After staying for 125 days inside the camp and trying to lose a number of pounds, he finally made it to the top.

Driving Lesson 101 with Friends

I am not a certified driver yet. I have no professional Philippine driver’s license. But, I love to drive cars and I know how to.

I learned driving not from a driving class or from a driving school. I learned it from the arcade, from the computer games in the mall. Funny to think, but it’s true. When I was at my younger age, I used to play in the arcade in a mall near at home in Davao City. I just applied my learning in arcade playing in a real car when a friend of mine offers me to try her car. So I did. Off course, it’s kinda nerve-cracking at first because I immediately step on a real car in a hi-way comparing to computer arcade game cars. But with my experiences in gaming, haha, I was able to drive smoothly.

Why I didn’t opt to enroll in a driving school? It is because, for me, I prefer small things like driving to be learned even at home or with friends. Believe it or not, I learned driving motorcycles with my boy friends in school. Yes! I am very open minded to try things with friends, that’s why I prefer not to enroll anymore.

Moreover, as what my aunt shared to me, driving school is very appropriate for people who are car-aholic. Am I sounding strange? LOL! Car-aholic refers to people who love cars much. In my case, learning the basics in driving would be enough. And I guess, I don’t need to dig more about the air compressor parts or the ingersoll rand compressor parts for me to run cars which are commonly taught in a driving school. Enough for me to know some stuff on how a car runs, what I need to step on to make a car moving, stopping and slow from moving. Things more than that, I’d rather leave those in the car shop. Hehe!

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell just Married!

After almost four years of dating, Paul McCartney,69, and Nancy Shevell, 51, just got married in London.

McCartney is The Beatles legend while Shevell is a businesswoman.

2011 is Rabbit Year

Not until the year is about to set off and another to come, I wouldn’t realized that 2011 is the year of the Rabbit.

Pity me but it’s true. Laugh at me, but I am just telling the truth. I really forgot that this year is for Rabbits.

I have classmates rearing rabbits just this year like Jay and Ernhez and even play with their pets when I could. But I never thought of any relevance in having one pet rabbit this year. I remember, one time Jay shared to me last year, 2010, she said that she has to buy a cute little rabbit to make a pet for 2011. I just smiled and nod at her because I, personally, do not like rearing rabbits at all. When January 2011 came, she bought a gray female rabbit including rabbit hutches to where her rabbit could live at. Since it was a girl, she bought a pink hutch. Ernhez also bought a black male rabbit with a black hutch too. After a few months that his male rabbit has physically grown, he bought another rabbit, a female one. After which, he was planning to buy more rabbit hutches but I am not sure if he really did until now.

Accordingly, making rabbits a pet at home is a luck especially when having them on the rabbit year basing on the Chinese calendar. Even my friends are also believing on that.

But what do rabbits could give and bring to the one rearing them?

It is believed that year of the rabbit brings peaceful and calming life after living a year with the tiger, the one that comes first before rabbit. So most probably, a very good relationship in the family or within oneself with another is expected in the year of the rabbit. Another thing is the easy and more lax lifestyle especially on money-making and luxurious living.

So, to those who has rabbits at home, did, by far, the year of the rabbit has something good brought to you?