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Reducing carbon footprint is one of the many things we can do to help save the environment. That major emitters of carbon dioxide (CO2) are data centers and business users. This is why most businesses go online to reduce carbon footprint (less wastage of paper, conservation of energy resources – gas for transportation, electricity and water for office consumption, etc.).

These days, even web-based businesses are looking into green web hosting companies – they not only find them helpful to the environment, they find them more affordable as well.


What is green web hosting?

A hosting provider that uses renewable energy to power their data centers, or purchases offsets (supports and maintains green or environmentally-friendly ways, cleans up other carbon footprints) can be considered a “green” web host.

We all know that hosting websites requires electricity to run 24/7. It consumes a lot of energy. So in order to conserve or recycle energy, web hosts run on energy generated by wind, solar or even biogas. They do this by buying renewable energy certificates.

Another way to offset carbon emissions and reduce carbon footprints is to cover for the emissions that host is responsible for. Since they cannot for example run on renewable energy – they can invest or support a local wind farm, host a reforestation program in their area or recycling program.


Why you should support green web hosting

The obvious reason for this is to support companies who are environment-friendly. Green web hosts also have special offers on hosting for non-profit organizations. They support the use of renewable energy and a paperless working environment.

To find out which companies are “green”, go to

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