Get Involved with Texas Holdem Poker!

Texas Hold’em has become the most popular form of poker online. Want a part of the action? Read on for a quick overview:


How to Play Texas Holdem:

  • When the game first begins, all players are given their hand facing down. This is followed by the first round of betting.
  •  Once the first betting round is complete, 3 community cards are placed in the centre of the table, facing upwards. The next round of betting then follows.
  •  A fourth community card is revealed, prior to the third round of betting. This is followed by the fifth and sixth final betting round.
  •  Using the five cards displayed on the table and two cards from their hand, each player must make the best five card hand possible.
  •  The aim for each player is to win the pot.

If there is a tie – the pot is divided between the two successful players.


Note: Players do not intend on winning each game that they play. Players make mathematical decisions and thee help to capitalise on their winnings.

What Strategies can you use?

  • Bluffing: Good bluffing techniques can cause fellow opponents to fold and forfeit their hand, essentially allowing you the opportunity to win the pot. This technique works well alongside your poker face!
  •  Poker Face: An absolute must for all players is to be able to display a poker face. The key is not to let on if you hold a good poker hand. Signs such as; a twitch, sweat,  or tapping of the fingers, are all giveaways.
  •  Folding: Arguably, one of the most difficult decisions a player has to make during a game of Texas Holdem. At the end of the day probability would state that if your hand is weak, then there is little chance of winning the round, therefore it would make more sense to hang onto your money and invest in into the proceeding round.
  •  Bet: It is the bet that is the key aspect in a game of poker, especially in Texas Hold’em. Look out for those who like to place big bets; it is possible that they have a good hand, likewise it may be a trick in the hope that you will fold.
  •  Observe: It is crucial to know how to observe the cards. It is worth observing the cards as they are being dealt. By being observant, the decisions of calling, betting or folding become easier.


It takes patience to master these strategies. Once you become aware of hot to apply these strategies effectively, the game of Texas Hold’em will soon start to play to your hand!

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