Driving Lesson 101 with Friends

I am not a certified driver yet. I have no professional Philippine driver’s license. But, I love to drive cars and I know how to.

I learned driving not from a driving class or from a driving school. I learned it from the arcade, from the computer games in the mall. Funny to think, but it’s true. When I was at my younger age, I used to play in the arcade in a mall near at home in Davao City. I just applied my learning in arcade playing in a real car when a friend of mine offers me to try her car. So I did. Off course, it’s kinda nerve-cracking at first because I immediately step on a real car in a hi-way comparing to computer arcade game cars. But with my experiences in gaming, haha, I was able to drive smoothly.

Why I didn’t opt to enroll in a driving school? It is because, for me, I prefer small things like driving to be learned even at home or with friends. Believe it or not, I learned driving motorcycles with my boy friends in school. Yes! I am very open minded to try things with friends, that’s why I prefer not to enroll anymore.

Moreover, as what my aunt shared to me, driving school is very appropriate for people who are car-aholic. Am I sounding strange? LOL! Car-aholic refers to people who love cars much. In my case, learning the basics in driving would be enough. And I guess, I don’t need to dig more about the air compressor parts or the ingersoll rand compressor parts for me to run cars which are commonly taught in a driving school. Enough for me to know some stuff on how a car runs, what I need to step on to make a car moving, stopping and slow from moving. Things more than that, I’d rather leave those in the car shop. Hehe!

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