2011 is Rabbit Year

Not until the year is about to set off and another to come, I wouldn’t realized that 2011 is the year of the Rabbit.

Pity me but it’s true. Laugh at me, but I am just telling the truth. I really forgot that this year is for Rabbits.

I have classmates rearing rabbits just this year like Jay and Ernhez and even play with their pets when I could. But I never thought of any relevance in having one pet rabbit this year. I remember, one time Jay shared to me last year, 2010, she said that she has to buy a cute little rabbit to make a pet for 2011. I just smiled and nod at her because I, personally, do not like rearing rabbits at all. When January 2011 came, she bought a gray female rabbit including rabbit hutches to where her rabbit could live at. Since it was a girl, she bought a pink hutch. Ernhez also bought a black male rabbit with a black hutch too. After a few months that his male rabbit has physically grown, he bought another rabbit, a female one. After which, he was planning to buy more rabbit hutches but I am not sure if he really did until now.

Accordingly, making rabbits a pet at home is a luck especially when having them on the rabbit year basing on the Chinese calendar. Even my friends are also believing on that.

But what do rabbits could give and bring to the one rearing them?

It is believed that year of the rabbit brings peaceful and calming life after living a year with the tiger, the one that comes first before rabbit. So most probably, a very good relationship in the family or within oneself with another is expected in the year of the rabbit. Another thing is the easy and more lax lifestyle especially on money-making and luxurious living.

So, to those who has rabbits at home, did, by far, the year of the rabbit has something good brought to you?

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