Why Bullying in Schools should End Now

A young boy from Buffalo, New York recently took his own life, why? This is because he can’t anymore stand the bullying that he’s been experiencing in school. The sad thing about this news is the fact that he is not the first child who committed suicide due to constant bullying that often happens in school. The problem is not simple, it is severe and government, schools and parents should be aware of this situation before things could go way out of hand.

Bullying occurs when a person often attacks another be it physically or verbally. It could happen in school but it also occurs in work places. While adults are more stable emotionally to handle such pressure, kids who are being bullied should obtain help and counseling as this pressure could affect their behavior. A bully is someone who often feels superior over another. Yes there is a psychological explanation to this behavior but a child who bullies other kids may not be able to understand even his own actions.

This is where parents and teachers should step up. An open relationship within the family could help kids in expressing their emotions. The rage often felt by bullies is caused by feelings that they can’t express freely. Teachers should also be on the lookout for this type of behavior in their class. All should take part in making an end to this before another parent loses a precious child. Encourage you kids to speak up and stand against bullying. This should be a joint effort from everyone in the community and the government should also start making a law to make bullying an illegal act.

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Why Bullying in Schools should End Now — 3 Comments

  1. That’s exactly what happened to me when I was in grade school. But thanks to my supportive mother, I overcame it. Although I still can’t forget those days when I was bullied, I’m now moving on with my life.

    And note, there was a study about bullies, I don’t know who did it, but they said that bullies became bullies because they were either taught to bully or was bullied themselves.

  2. i remember during my elem and high school days….my classmate loves to tease and bullying me…i dont know why…di maganda kasi nakakababa ng self-confidence talaga, base in my exp..nice post Gagay…vsiting..:-)

  3. I agree that bullying should be addressed seriously, especially now that there had been escalating cases of suicide. Thanks for sharing!