Thursday Night is Poker Night

It’s Thursday once again. Most commonly, people gotten more excited for Fridays to come. However, in my case, this week, I love Thursday more than Friday because I don’t have any academic obligations tonight. Tonight will be my stress-free night from school stuff. As usual, school stuff-free nights are almost always intended for online enjoyments, not to mention my preplanned an hour or two of poker online.

Aside from blogging, playing online games are what I used to do. And as what I always been saying in my previous posts, playing online has been part already of my relaxing and de-stressing stuff to complete especially during every after exam weeks.

Tonight, I might be trying out Texas holdem poker game. I haven’t tried this one yet before and I found this one exciting to try out. But of course, I won’t be gambling. I will just make use of the free online poker games. This is, actually, one of the advantages for newbie online gamers since it is free and definitely, no cash used but the player could practice playing.

Anybody would want to play online games with me tonight?


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