Recovering Oshi

The moment I received a call from the Toshiba service center in Cebu City regarding Oshi’s health status, I have nothing on my mind but the quickest hard disk recovery thingy to be done for Oshi.

I told the lady attendant who called me not to open up or do invasive procedure to Oshi yet not unless the data stored on Oshi are recovered. Yes! They did what I told them. After I bought an external hard disk to save those recovered data from Oshi, I immediately went to the center and talked to the attendants.

Good enough, the data were recovered. But Oshi did not.

Accordingly, hard disk recovery procedure is very much difficult to do. As the technician said, the hard disk of Oshi was already damaged and that needing to be replaced. It’s already a bonus for me that the data were recovered. He emphasized that ‘good enough data were recovered’ even though they were not able to recover Oshi’s hard disk.


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