Oshi’s Problem

The very reason why I abandoned Oshi in no hesitations on January 2011 was because of hard disk failure.

A week before I decided to buy a new one, actually, I was still able to bring Oshi in his clinic. I brought him in the toshiba service center here in Cebu City. The technician just informed me on his first day of confinement to prepare for an external hard disk for data recovery of my files from Oshi’s before they have to do some thing more crucial in Oshi’s CPU. Since that was an advice, I bought an external hard disk for Oshi.

On his third day, I went to his clinic to visit him while bringing with me the external hard disk. But to my shock, I advised again to buy a hard drive for Oshi because of hard disk failure and that the technician could not do anything more than just simple reformatting of Oshi but real replacement of the hard disk.

Then, I asked a piece of advise from my mom. Since the hard disk costs much more than purchasing a new laptop, I and my mom just decided to purchase a new computer set.

That’s the story of Oshi and his problem.

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