Kid Rock performs at NFL Kickoff Event

Kid Rock as he fondly called or Robert James “Bob” Ritchie, his real name, performs during the 2011 NFL season kickoff event rocking again some of his biggest hit songs American Bad Ass, Cowboy and All Summer Long. He is a song writer, musician and a rapper who has a number of nominations in Grammy Awards. Some of Kid Rock released album who successfully caught the people’s heart in music were Devil without a Cause, The History of Rock and his single, American Bad Ass.

Oh well! That exactly was a great performance of Kid Rock during the event. Though I haven’t seen the live coverage of the event on television, and just opted to check the video through you tube, I could even feel myself being there present in front of Kid Rock waving my hands to the air while he was singing. I even thought at first that I don’t need Beacon Theatre tickets anymore though getting one is by far beneficial and advantageous to even get a chance to be at the front-seat during an event.

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