Into Vacation Mode Already

I have been seek for five days now and I have nothing else on my mind but a very relaxing, physically stress-free vacation away from home.

You might be wondering why I made it clear to be away from home because every time I am out in school for vacation and especially when I am sick, I am not allowed to spend my vacation out of town but only at home. I still remember what my mom told my yesterday that I have to keep my feet stay in my apartment and refrain from malling, shopping, yet because the weather here in Cebu City ain’t that good and sure to cause one to get ill and feeling sick.

Today, my eagerness to have a vacation right then and now brought my imagination of spending a three-day, two-night vacation at Terra Verde Resort Orlando City.

Off course, I don’t want my imagination to be just an imagination alone. I am also a bit ambitious. So what I did, I searched over the internet some of the must-try things which every traveler or a vacationist should experience in Terra Verde Resort in Orlando City. Some of which are the arcade game room which I used to check by. The fitness and exercise gym area which I think I am needing today because of getting sick. And the last but not the least which is the very first thing that I used to inquire in a resort is the hut tub spa.

Ain’t it real relaxing to think to spend an hour or so in a hut tub which is freshly scented with aromatic oils? I guess, that really is what I am looking and wanting to have now.

Anyway, this imaginary travels and vacation of mine in Terra Verde Resort Orlando City didn’t just happen today. In fact, just yesterday, I was thinking of a lot of places to spend a vacation at. But sure thing, this actually happens when I am sick and nothing to do at home. Well then, who knows? One day, I might be blogging about my unexplainable unforgettable experience in Terra Verde Resort Orlando. Haha!

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