Happy 13th Birthday Google!

Google is celebrating its 13th birthday today!

Last year, I also celebrated Google’s birthday, the 12th one, but only in my other blog, you can read it here, Happy 12th Birthday Google!.

Ain’t it nice to think how Google has succeeded that far, this 13th year of them, in sharing to people how accessible life would be in just a click away? Yes! Google almost making all the easy peasy things to be easier in just a wink.

Happy birthday Google! More power!


Happy 13th Birthday Google! — 3 Comments

  1. Happy 13th birthday Google! It seems that Google has been around for some time. Just recently, google opened its new interface. It’s so amazing! I just saw it this morning and when I tried it, it was a thumb’s up for me. It loaded 40% faster than my webpage. and its frontpage was more reader friendly. And I mean, you can see all the posts in just one page. How cool is that?