Personally, I have hard time understanding about taxes; why it needs to be collected, how it has been computed per worker and how it could supposedly help one country. I just know some of the basics of taxpaying, but deeper than a person needs to pay this and that monthly  thing, I am certainly clueless with it.

Every person like me has little knowledge about taxes, can go to an enrolled agent to speak more about taxes. Enrolled agents are those specific professional people who have the full knowledge on how taxes works and go in a certain place.

To get a professional degree on enrolled agents, one must complete an ea cpe requirements like total number of hours to render every year with in three years  in the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. Aside from the one mentioned above, another thing to be able to become an enrolled agent continuing education requirements to take note by every individual who are planning to get a professional degree is by the fact that if he or she person has completed or has already been serving for five years for any work which are related to IRS, the enrollment for him or her is much easier than the latter.

However, it is yet available only in the United States and not in the Philippines.

Image lifted from http://www.csea.org/findea-about.asp?token=

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