Zambrano on Disqualified List

I missed watching the latest baseball game on Friday night (US time), so basically, that was still yesterday here in the Philippines. I and M were just watching Captain America and Smurfs movies. But at least, even though I missed the baseball game, I still enjoyed the two movies.

Anyway, I have nothing to check onto for me to get updated of my sports notes but the playback and news online.

I first stumbled over foxnews reporting that Carlos Zambrano is on disqualified list. For me, this seemed to be ain’t good for the team. Zambrano is a good player ~ a good pitcher!

I also have read Huffingtonposts article.

Oh gosh! I really should better watch the news on TV and some videos also. I want to watch the real interview. But before that, I have to check POS systems first. I forgot to do this yesterday. I was asked by one friend to look over these stuffs online.

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