‘TUKO’ for Sale?

TUKO‘ or Gecko is one of, should I say, the most highly in demand animals when it comes to instant money-making stuff.

I didn’t know how people could make them real money from ‘TUKO‘ or Gecko not until I talked to one friend who has seen, in their province, their neighbor catching a number of gecko to sell that each gecko costs more or less a million or so if it weighs 300 or more grams. Ain’t it so ear ringing? Well then, if only catching one is only as easy and fast as applying and availing and online cash advance, I rather stop schooling and just merely go to the jungle and forever to catch gecko my whole life. Smiley Sad to say, geckos are our friends, as for me – as a biologist, and not for trading businesses. Much more the fact that it’s very difficult to catch even the smallest gecko, the most common household lizard, for instance, one cannot easily hold and catch them unless they are being killed. But what sellers and buyers of geckos are looking for are those live and healthy one. Ah oh! I better study harder then.

Anyway, talking about cash online, I guess I need some cash and thinking now to avail online because I am planning for a vacation – just a few days of escapade from the city hassles. My savings, I presumed, are not sufficient. But I am not sure yet. I still need to balance things whether to apply online cash or not. But one thing’s for sure, I will really be flying for an escapade next week. Wish me luck!


‘TUKO’ for Sale? — 2 Comments

  1. lol. dugay naman nah dae. sa leyte kay daghan jud mangita ug tuko aron ibaligya. pero dle ko, mahadlok ko nila aie… hahahha. basig ako pa una modagan kesa sa tuko. lol