Spam Hall of Famer Sanford Wallace charges for Facebook scam

I am supposed to lurk about any cheap holidays to Ayia Napa, one of the places in Cyprus that has a lot of white beaches to relax and explore to. In fact, it is considered a “party capital” already in Cyprus. However, I am stuck on the news about the Spam Hall of Famer, Sanford Wallace.

Sanford Wallace, the self-proclaimed Spam King has faced the FBI for the alleged spamming the half of a million accounts in Facebook.

Sanford Wallace has been allegedly accounted to the flooding of spam mails in the different email accounts of Facebook account owners.

According to the, Wallace faces 11 counts of fraud. The charges for Wallace could be 16 years of imprisonment and a 2$ million fines.

Wow! Ain’t that’s very eye-drooling? Indeed one!