Remembering Aaliyah

In the province, where my parents are staying now with my niece and nephews, which is basically where our farm is located also, we don’t have home theater system yet. I am thinking of suggesting to have one before the year ends to my mom. Since we moved to our new house, almost all of our old household stuffs were left at the old house. Mom doesn’t want to use the old things anymore. She told us that for the new house, new things should be used also.

While lurking some designs and concepts of an audio visual area at home, I just remembered Aaliyah. Today marks her, 10th death anniversary. It’s really sad to think, but nothing to do more about it.

Despite her absence, physically,Smiley  Aaliyah’s songs will always be very alive in each heart of the people especially to her fans.

Anyway, going back to the AVR at home, I already have something on my mind to share to my mom. But I am not sure if she’ll approve it. Hehe. Well then, our house is not just merely mine, but OURS. LOL!


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