Jennifer Love Hewitt: New Hairdo for New Movie

Jennifer Love Hewitt recently revealed on her twitter account, one of the widely used social networking sites now a days, her newly done hair make over.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has finally waved goodbye to her long brown hair. This, according to her, is for her upcoming movie preparation.

Well, she still looks awesome. Gorgeous, the right term to describe Hewitt.

Anyway, talking about hair make over, I am just wondering how much a hair replacement surgery costs these days? Inquiring about this technological health advancement is for my friend’s benefit. He has been thinking of hair surgery procedures after suffering from alopecia. Alopecia is a sudden loss of hair, usually, of unknown cause.

We all know that hair is the crowning glory of everybody. Suffering from any hair problems would be very much depressing already to many. But not all, off course, because for some, as I’ve known, they are not very keen to hair beauty. But at least, just for some.


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