Fire Solution in Cebu City

When I and some classmates, who are not originally coming from Cebu City ~ just came and stayed here to study, once have had dinner and was able to share thoughts about the possible solutions which need to be done so to lessen the fire victims. We know that fire incidences are merely accidents. No one plans, except who really did, to have fire happened but generally, no one wants to get burnt.

We really pointed out the victims. What we mean is that the fire won’t easily scatter to the point of eating by burning those 100-meter away houses from the point where the fire originally started. The best thing to do is to make each houses and building concrete. Perhaps, steel buildings are far better to live in Cebu City.

Another thing is to refrain from overcrowding a very small area just to build and make a house to live.

Those basically are what we were trying to point out.


Fire Solution in Cebu City — 1 Comment

  1. You had the point but the only thing is, is it feasible?

    And I would NOT say that fire incidences are basically an accident. Most (if not all) of the fires that happened in Cebu are preventable but people just ignore what needs to be done and authorities are not doing their job to prevent it.