Family Business Website

Since I started blogging way back 2007, that time our family business has been productively growing already, I was thinking to create a website for our family business. I was still in college that time wherein most of my financial needs came from the family business’ supports. Aside from making my studies good, I couldn’t think how and what to give to my parents something to make them happy as a thank you and as a gift in return.

Now that I have some idea how websites run and go, even though not really that blast-full of such but still somehow could cater how to a family business website circulates, I am certain to make one family business website.

Why I want a website for our family is not just for me to make the whole world know that we have a business like this and that. But for us, as a business owner and manager, to have a grasp of ideas that we could apply for our small business. Making our business reachable online could make us closer to any small business resources that I am sure would be very helpful for us. Recommendations, suggestions and comments are welcome, as always. And off course, as a business and a website owner, I will also give inputs on how to run such business –  the dos and the don’ts, benefits and consequences, and more. It’s just a small business help to those who are planning to have a business like ours. As said, always give for to always receive.

As of now, I already have bought domains for our family. I bought 2 domains. I won’t be disclosing things yet for now. But sure thing, so soon, the two domains will be actively circulating in the world wide web.


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