Facebook Mobile

Philippines has been regarded as the “Texting Capital” wherein there are a million of text messages are delivered, conveyed daily. This is just one of the many proofs of the advancement in Mobile Media Technology.

The leading and known social networking site now a days, Facebook.com, in fact, is already made available to almost, but not all, mobile phones. Not just Facebook but also other emerging social networking sites that are very in demand and easily accessible like Twitter, Plurk and even any messengers like Google Mail, Yahoo and a lot more.

These advancements in technology only shows that even in a wink, or a click away, anything people used to think before of impossibilities in terms of communications, are now made possible and reachable to everyone. In a cent spent to open any social networking sites using a mobile phone could make one easily access friends, relatives and even update each other with the daily walks of lives.

Simply, technology is getting more and more amazing each day!

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