Crazy Stupid Love MOVIE

Last Sunday, August 21, 2011, was a girls’ day out for me and my girl friend, Gemma Lou. That day was supposed to be my market day. But since we both want to relax a bit, we both are medical students but studying in different schools here in Cebu City, we looked for some things that both of us could somehow forget the depressing stuffs in medical school.

After our lunch, we both watched the movie Crazy Stupid Love.

I can’t say I am a good film and movie review writer, but all I can say about the movie was that it was worth the bucks paid in the cinema. I can’t say more!

After almost two hours of watching the movie, since Gemma Lou is kind’a vain, more vain than I, we checked for some skin care products. She loved to wear make up, which I never try myself and I really don’t put any onto my face for a normal daily walks. So, I just let her do her stuff. And then, since I don’t have any in my kitchen anymore, we do the grocery then and went home, after.


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