Big Laughs with ‘Big Momma’

Yesterday afternoon, I keep browsing different channels over my PC-TV. Telling you, I easily get bored with television so I used to keep skipping one channel from the other. Upon doing so, I stumbled upon Big Momma’s movie shown in one of the local television channel in the country. Believe it or not, I was able to finish the movie and stayed for hours in front of just merely one channel. That’s really a big laughs with Big Momma though it wasn’t my first time to watch, Big Momma still made me laugh.

Aside from the funny things Big Momma did on that movie, computer security awareness was what really dug in my mind. Even how a certain company owner thinks that he has the modest latest innovation in terms of computer security worldwide, hackers and spammers are still having more than what that company has. I adore the very little Stewart, the fat young boy who has that very clever stuff about computers. He’s really awesome.

After watching the movie, I even told myself to get some cyber security awareness training courses. Hmp!?!? What do you think? I won’t be hacking computers of any. I am just getting curious how to do some computer security works. And maybe, if I really could have, I might else be applying it in our company – for our farm, right? Let me think it over and over.


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