Apple iPad 3 in Early 2012

I don’t know if I’ll be ecstatic or what with the newest update from Apple company that they will be releasing the next generation of Apple iPad. This is basically because I am having iPad 2 and absolutely, the next generation of any gadgets is better than the present.Accordingly, the Apple iPad 3 will have a higher resolution 2048-by-1536 pixel display. Comparing it to the recent Apple iPad 2 which has only 1024-by-768 display.

How I wish the new iPad 3 could have features to enable it to directly connect it to any dlp projector so for many not to have difficulty during any report presentations and more.


Anyway, If and only if there will be a FREE SWAPPING of iPad as soon as the next generation iPad will be released, I won’t hesitate to swap my iPad 2 with iPad 3. LOL!

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