3-Hour Nap in Brookfield Subdivision, Lapu-Lapu City

Ernhez, my classmate in medical school, brought me to his uncle’s house in Brookfield Subdivision, Lapu-lapu City this morning. He just fetched me up in one of the nearest malls from my apartment here in Cebu City since I have had a transaction earlier this morning. After which, I still had my manicure and pedicure and then, we drove to Lapu-lapu City.

After an hour drive, if I am not mistaken, we finally arrived at his uncle’s house. As what Ernhez used to share to me, his cousin was the very first to welcome us. His cousin, I forgot the name, is very talkative. She likes to talk and even play with me. Being not-so-close to kids, I just played in a while with his cousin. She moved her toys from her room to the living room. She put all of her clays which are formed into cakes in their sofa that is looking like a bench indoor-style.

Not too long playing with the 3-year old kiddo, Ernhez and I went to the mall in Lapu-lapu City to buy us some ice cream. As soon as we finished our shares at home, we both fell asleep. LOL! This is really our problem, the both of us. Every after we finish eating and feeling full, we always feel so sleepy. Even in school, we are feeling sleepy as well that sometimes we can’t stop ourselves but to take a nap even inside the library.

We really took a nap, as we call it. At first, I was hesitant to lye down in the sofa and was about to look for just an outdoor furniture bench. But since it was very hot outside and I was feeling really sleepy then, I just opted to take a nap in the living room. But the nap turned to be a sleep that we both wake up only after 3 hours. LOL!

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