Crazy Stupid Love MOVIE

Last Sunday, August 21, 2011, was a girls’ day out for me and my girl friend, Gemma Lou. That day was supposed to be my market day. But since we both want to relax a bit, we both are medical students but studying in different schools here in Cebu City, we looked for some things that both of us could somehow forget the depressing stuffs in medical school.

After our lunch, we both watched the movie Crazy Stupid Love.

I can’t say I am a good film and movie review writer, but all I can say about the movie was that it was worth the bucks paid in the cinema. I can’t say more!

After almost two hours of watching the movie, since Gemma Lou is kind’a vain, more vain than I, we checked for some skin care products. She loved to wear make up, which I never try myself and I really don’t put any onto my face for a normal daily walks. So, I just let her do her stuff. And then, since I don’t have any in my kitchen anymore, we do the grocery then and went home, after.

Remembering Aaliyah

In the province, where my parents are staying now with my niece and nephews, which is basically where our farm is located also, we don’t have home theater system yet. I am thinking of suggesting to have one before the year ends to my mom. Since we moved to our new house, almost all of our old household stuffs were left at the old house. Mom doesn’t want to use the old things anymore. She told us that for the new house, new things should be used also.

While lurking some designs and concepts of an audio visual area at home, I just remembered Aaliyah. Today marks her, 10th death anniversary. It’s really sad to think, but nothing to do more about it.

Despite her absence, physically,Smiley  Aaliyah’s songs will always be very alive in each heart of the people especially to her fans.

Anyway, going back to the AVR at home, I already have something on my mind to share to my mom. But I am not sure if she’ll approve it. Hehe. Well then, our house is not just merely mine, but OURS. LOL!

Only $99 HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad has declined its price for over 80%. From a price of $500 and $600 for 16GB and 32GB models, respectively, today it is just only $99 for a 16GB and $149 for 32GB models.

This is a great deal to every techie savvy and gadget freak people. Today, in fact, is also the best day to grab one of the HP TouchPad.

If I don’t have an iPad 2 yet, I might as well think of having one. But, since I am very much enjoying my iPad 2 now, I’d rather chose to buy a ps3 bundles for me and for M. We both love playing games. So I guess, it’s a wiser thing to do.

By the way, the image above is not mine. I just lifted that from

Google Doodles Jorge Luis Borges 112th Birthday

Google today doodles the 112th birthday of Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo (August 24, 1899 – June 14, 1986).

Jorge Luis Borges, as he is known, is a writer and translator.

Here’s some info lifted from wikipedia.

His work embraces the “character of unreality in all literature.”His most famous books, Ficciones (1944) and The Aleph (1949), are compilations of short stories interconnected by common themes such as dreams, labyrinths, libraries, animals, fictional writers, religion and God. His works have contributed to the genre of science fiction as well as the genre of magical realism, a genre that reacted against the realism/naturalism of the nineteenth century. In fact, critic Angel Flores, the first to use the term, set the beginning of this movement with Borges’s Historia universal de la infamia (1935). Scholars also have suggested that Borges’s progressive blindness helped him to create innovative literary symbols through imagination. His late poems dialogue with such cultural figures as Spinoza, Camões, and Virgil.

His international fame was consolidated in the 1960s, aided by the “Latin American Boom” and the success of Gabriel García Márquez‘s Cien Años de Soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude). Writer and essayist J. M. Coetzee said of him: “He, more than anyone, renovated the language of fiction and thus opened the way to a remarkable generation of Spanish American novelists.

The West Memphis Three Freed

The West Memphis Three, namely Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr., are now freed after 18 years of imprisonment.


The West Memphis ‘Three’ was imprisoned in 1994 after convicted of murdering three 8-year-old boys.

However, lately, new evidence has proven them not guilty from doing such act. Perhaps the reason why they are being freed.

Image lifted from Los Angeles Times.

Apple iPad 3 in Early 2012

I don’t know if I’ll be ecstatic or what with the newest update from Apple company that they will be releasing the next generation of Apple iPad. This is basically because I am having iPad 2 and absolutely, the next generation of any gadgets is better than the present.Accordingly, the Apple iPad 3 will have a higher resolution 2048-by-1536 pixel display. Comparing it to the recent Apple iPad 2 which has only 1024-by-768 display.

How I wish the new iPad 3 could have features to enable it to directly connect it to any dlp projector so for many not to have difficulty during any report presentations and more.


Anyway, If and only if there will be a FREE SWAPPING of iPad as soon as the next generation iPad will be released, I won’t hesitate to swap my iPad 2 with iPad 3. LOL!

Fire Solution in Cebu City

When I and some classmates, who are not originally coming from Cebu City ~ just came and stayed here to study, once have had dinner and was able to share thoughts about the possible solutions which need to be done so to lessen the fire victims. We know that fire incidences are merely accidents. No one plans, except who really did, to have fire happened but generally, no one wants to get burnt.

We really pointed out the victims. What we mean is that the fire won’t easily scatter to the point of eating by burning those 100-meter away houses from the point where the fire originally started. The best thing to do is to make each houses and building concrete. Perhaps, steel buildings are far better to live in Cebu City.

Another thing is to refrain from overcrowding a very small area just to build and make a house to live.

Those basically are what we were trying to point out.

‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ Poster

Are you getting excited for the release of the new episode of the Twilight Saga’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ this coming November 2011?

Oh well, I’ll give you a sneak pick here. But this ain’t the final, or should I say ‘official’ poster printing made available for the fans and viewers.

Just take a look at the poster below. Feel free to comment what you think about this.

By far, no other added hot stars on the poster. The three main characters played by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are still on the front head.

Nothing more new to look at, indeed, but the only simple-looking in shirt hottie Jacob. Bella and Edward, who, in the previous episode were just newly wed, are showing like in a honeymoon-style outfit. Other characters are still on the background, same as the previous posters.

In terms of the color combinations, the color hues are just rightful with the theme. It is expected that being in the dawn is still dark and having a nightly aura. The red hues combined in black really explains more the setting of being in the dawn. Just imagine if you are in front of a wide vacant or in an oceanic area waiting for the sun to rise, ain’t the sun showing you a reddish hue in the environment? This is just the same as to the shade of black combined with hues of red color.These color combinations also add intense emotions to the characters present even just merely looking the poster itself.

Now, what can you tell about this poster? Are you enticed enough to get a copy of this poster printing just before the official release of the movie’s poster?

Noontime Fire in Cebu City

Could you believe that in my fourteen months of stay here in Cebu City I personally saw more than ten fire events just in the city itself?

The worst thing among all? It was the fire just 100 meters away from my apartment last June 2011. The fire happened early morning around 1:00 AM. Next to that fire event were those two different fire events happened around the vicinity of our school, from the nearby houses of Southwestern University along Urgello Street. The first fire even where a part of our school – the Maritime College building was put into fire happened last year, if I still have the correct figures, it happened around August 2010 last year. And the latest fire event in school was still on June 2011 where in the Natural Science College was also burnt.

The very latest fire even I saw was yesterday noontime. Just timely when I about to check the ATM of  the Land Bank of the Philippines along P. del Rosario Street, huge black to gray colored smoke was almost to cover the whole are of the street due to the very recent fire. I didn’t know where exactly the fire was, I’m not really particular and certain with the streets in Cebu City yet. But I took a shot of the smoke.

Pardon with my image here. It’s not really that of good quality compared to images taken by a digital camera. I just made use of my iPad camera in taking that image. Rest assured, nothing edited on that image but just the watermarks.

Accordingly, one of the main reasons why there are fire events happening in Cebu City is because of the poor electrical wiring management along those crowding small houses wherein the owners are into renting businesses and even making internet cafes available for students. There, in fact, no surface raceways for cables and wires on there houses. I guess, this is one point which the government should put an eye on to.

Amber Tamblyn And David Cross Engaged

One of the oldest, correct me if I am using not the appropriate term, should I say, long-term Hollywood couple in the entertainment business world today, Amber Tamblyn and David Cross are now happily engaged with each other.

David Cross, by the way, just a bit of info about the couple, is a 47-year-old American actor and a comedian. While Amber Rose Tamblyn, is a 28-year-old American actress and a poet.

I am just assuming now how jewelry making supplies getting busy providing good quality jewelry supplies to those jewelry making companies to create those luxurious lustrous jewelries for people, most especially for Hollywood personalities.