WordPress Update Problems

On July 5, 2011, WordPress has released its latest available updates. It’s already the WordPress 3.2 today.

As a blogger and a WordPress user, I updated my blog and now, happily using the latest installed WordPress.

However, just recently, I received an email from Google advising me to update my personal blog. Huh?!? I don’t know why and I really can’t understand why Google sent me such email where in fact, all my wordpress blogs are updated. Is there any problems with my blogs?  Do my blogs’ wordpress updates has any problems? I wonder!

In the email, it even explained some information security awareness regarding wordpress blogs. There was also a link attached on that email letter which I was tasked to click and read more about the information regarding the updated wordpress installation. One thing which rings a bell on my ears was the statement stating that the link could help me secure my blogs then.

Ah oh! I don’t know if that email message was just a fraud one or what. I didn’t clicked the link, off course, because I know for sure that all my blogs are updated with the latest wordpress installation on it. Aside from that, I also asked the friendly costumer service provider of my blogs’ host regarding the said email. Good enough that she replied quickly and just said that as long as my blogs are all updated, I shouldn’t be minding those stuff.

Anyway, with regards to online securities of blogs and hosting, before one blogger go into a something that he or she thought that his or her blog would be something like in a dead-end situation sooner or later, one thing that a blogger or an online web owner should do is to get some information security awareness training. If one can’t afford to have it, better lurk on a cheaper one online. Information on security of blogs and online stuff are very important to prevent future blog vulnerability to spams and hackers.


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