Wanted SPAM Deleter

It’s Sunday once again, in fact, the last Sunday of the month. I supposed to freshen up my mind and relax a bit before diving into many notes and books for our coming examinations this week by playing online games and trying my luck to a price of gold as well.

However, when I opened my email account, justĀ  for me to check those related sites in my inbox where there were gold prices awaiting to any online game player, I have flooding spam messages un0pened. The worst thing is that those spam messages are in my inbox and not in my spam folder which is very time-consuming to clean that I need to run over to each messages for me to find out whether one is a spam and different from the other. If only I could hire one online spam deleter, I would never hesitate to do so! Smiley

Think of my precious time which I supposed to spend studying and doing other things but instead left cleaning my inbox with such annoying spammers. Every time I open one email and found it’s really a spam mail, I always think of my delayed schedule and time allotted for the spot gold for me to grab. Instead of making myself stress-free and relaxed in this early morning, spams are even making my morning so disgusted! Smiley

Anybody would like to apply as a spam deleter?

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