I need TV Guides

For a medical student like me, being in front of a television is just once in a blue moon-like thing to do. However, once given a chance to be in front of the TV, sure thing, one or two hours are not enough.

In fact, last Saturday, I had a good time relaxing with my PC-TV. Just because it’s not my usual thing to do anymore for how many years now since I enrolled in medical school, I have had hard time looking for the television shows and channel that I liked most.

I had nothing uttered in my mind but only I am needing a TV guide. Nothing more but a TV guide!

TV guide, as its name implies, is a guide for television shows. It helps one viewer to find, the easiest way, what channel to check for in looking for specific genre of television shows.

In a TV guide, one can surely check and see the list of television shows to be aired on a specific hour every day by each TV channel. TV guides also list the different television show genres like entertainment, drama, action and more. And in my case, I loved to watch medical and health related television shows. And more, TV guides also specify the country of production of such television show and the primary language used. This is off course, each TV viewers has its own preferences in terms of choosing TV shows to watch for.

Good enough, there’s one online TV guide, the foxtel.com.au, that I happen to stumble upon over the internet. It has helped a lot!


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