NFL Lockout

I have been very busy the past days with my studies – exams, clinics, that I wasn’t able to check the latest news about NFL especially about the NFL lockout. I even forget one of my plans before the month ends which is to loss weight. I’ve been lurking for best fat burners yet I still end up eating and sleeping.

Anyway, getting back to the NFL stuff, if you happen to follow me since then, you surely know how addicted am I to sports not to mention football. I haven’t played personally this sports game though, but seeing my fave team on the grounds keeping tightly on hand the ball, I could imagine that I am the one playing the game as well. No one can blame me, I just love sports.

I better get on track tomorrow, Saturday with all the updates on NFL lockout.

By the way, don’t you like to know my fave team from the East, West, North and South?


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