Monday Boredom

It’s very unusual to me lately that I easily get bored with all the things surrounding me. When I had my PC-TV, I only used it for the very first week. But until now, it’s just being dumped in the corner. Well, as I have said even before, I am not really a TV-holic young lass. Watching TV makes me feel even more bored.

Just when I arrived home, I did nothing but to check my stuffs online. I checked the most recent comments left in my blogs. I also do blog hopping to some chosen close blog buddies to me. And while doing such, I was reminded to check online casino again. Smiley I really missed doing this because I’ve been pre-occupied by lots of school works.

This has been what I used to do at home every time I get bored – playing roulette, especially when I just came from school. I could somehow say that playing such games is really relaxing. I could also consider it as a stress reliever and an anti-depressant. I never got depressed and stressed when I go online even in a whole day. I even enjoy it more. But I am not telling that studying my lessons – my books is a bored thing to do. What I mean is that, I am only human, needing some peace of mind and physical and mental rest. And one thing for me to do is such as what I mentioned above.


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