Let’s Talk CHEVY!

I was supposed to get mad when an rv towing a cute little chevy in the middle of the street which resulted to a heavy traffic. However, since it’s a chevy, a cute in red colored car, I was instead feeling pity to the driver, or maybe she was the owner of the car seeing her chevy in not so good picture.

Anyway, talking about chevy which would surely make many consumers to be very excited, even I upon reading one news article online, is that the general motors company, one of the leading car manufacturers and providers in the world, will be selling a diesel-run chevy cruze. Ain’t it good to know, where in fact, diesel is one of the cheapest fluid gasoline that operates cars.

Another way to make your Chevy Cruze more efficient is changing out the old lighting system with a new one.  In particular, HID headlights are quite efficient, as they expend much more of their available energy directly as light, whereas standard halogen bulbs waste a lot of their available energy as heat emissions.  Since no one uses his or her Chevy Cruze’s headlights to keep the car’s interior warm on a cold day, this heat costs energy and yet provides no benefits.  With HIDs, that problem is eliminated.

Aren’t you excited to see and drive a diesel-run chevy in the near future?


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