Google Doodles Gregor Mendel’s 189th Birthday

The study of genetics is one of the most amazing topics in the study of life that I was fascinated to learn at when I was in college. Amazing and exciting are the most appropriate words to describe studying genetics in a way that even the smallest thing in the living organism that could possibly be inherited to its daughter offspring are revealed.

Today, with Google, let’s all celebrate the 189th birthday of the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel.

Gregor Johann Mendel was born on July 20, 1822. He is a Czech-German.

As far as I learned, remembered from my previous lessons, but just correct me if I am wrong, he studied the inheritance of traits of the pea plants. Upon doing such, he postulated the Mendelian Law of Genetics which basically explains the heritable genes children of any living organism acquired from their respective parents.


Google Doodles Gregor Mendel’s 189th Birthday — 4 Comments

  1. You are correct the pea plants are labeled incorrectly. They should be labeled GG’s, YY’s with a possibility of GY’s (depending on which generation the plants are in). I can honestly say I became excited when I figured out what the doodle stood for and then disappointed that they made such an obvious blunder.

    • Actually Tanith, that is not correct either. Pea pod colour is the result of two alleles of a single gene. The yellow pods should be gg and the green pods should be GG (in the parental generation), Gg in the second generation, and 1GG/2Gg/1gg
      in the final generation. Another mistake the diagram makes is that it shows the colour of the peas (i.e. seeds) and pods as linked – they are not. (Pea colour is determined by a second gene, and in the case of pea colour yellow is dominant to green).

      It really is a shame that they messed up this classic experiment.

      • While you are correct in the labeling the yellow pods as gg instead of YY; Mendel’s original writings on pea pod color was G’s for green and Y’s for yellow so I can forgive the pods not being labeled in the now known correct manner but in the original manner he wrote in his journals.(Meaning my saying they should be GG’, YY’s and possible GY’s depending on generation is the exact same thing you said) I can even forgive the peas and pods being both colored the same implying that one allele controls both since very few people would know that they are controlled by two different ones. I find it very sad though they forgot the color is controlled by two alleles. I was disappointed since that basic facts are taught in middle school science classes.

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