Empty Apartment

Since I moved in my new apartment, I keep thinking how to make this empty apartment a fully-packed one like those I used to see over the internet like the Houston lofts.

I know, it’s very hard for me to have all what I want for the apartment since I am yet a student. However, it feels so boring and dull to live and very dry to look at every time I arrived home after classes like no kitchen to check for yummy foods, no sofa to lie down. What I just do is to immediately go upstairs in my room. The living room is really empty if I don’t have my 2 aquariums there. Think of it!

I actually chose to stay in an apartment rather than in a dormitory for me to feel like am just in our house comfortably studying during the night. But it seems like I am missing more home when I see the Townhomes in Houston over the internet. I’m getting envious to it!

Ah oh! I don’t know how to get my apartment fully-packed with stuffs here.

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