AirPhil Express PISO Fare Sale

AirPhil Express is having its PISO Fare Sale again this year aside from that on June 2011.

Selling period of this AirPhil Express PISO Fare Sale is only on August 01, 2011. Travel period would be next year, from February 1 until March 15, 2012 and in June 1 to June 25, 2012.

Wanted SPAM Deleter

It’s Sunday once again, in fact, the last Sunday of the month. I supposed to freshen up my mind and relax a bit before diving into many notes and books for our coming examinations this week by playing online games and trying my luck to a price of gold as well.

However, when I opened my email account, just  for me to check those related sites in my inbox where there were gold prices awaiting to any online game player, I have flooding spam messages un0pened. The worst thing is that those spam messages are in my inbox and not in my spam folder which is very time-consuming to clean that I need to run over to each messages for me to find out whether one is a spam and different from the other. If only I could hire one online spam deleter, I would never hesitate to do so! Smiley

Think of my precious time which I supposed to spend studying and doing other things but instead left cleaning my inbox with such annoying spammers. Every time I open one email and found it’s really a spam mail, I always think of my delayed schedule and time allotted for the spot gold for me to grab. Instead of making myself stress-free and relaxed in this early morning, spams are even making my morning so disgusted! Smiley

Anybody would like to apply as a spam deleter?

Shooting in Trento, Agusan del Sur

I was dreaming last night about our farm town in the province of Agusan del Sur; that I was sleeping in a pine beds along with my siblings. Not too long enough I was awaken by an SMS from my mom informing me that there was a gun shooting happening this early morning around 5 o’clock.

Trembled and shocked, I hurriedly called with my mom. Good enough, my family are all safe. The shooting is yet so far from our house, though located only in same municipality, in Trento, Agusan del Sur. According to them, they only hear fireworks-like sounds this morning.

The shooting was actually happened in the municipal hall of Trento, most specifically in the office of the policemen. No other news related to the shooting were reported yet. People in Trento, Agusan del Sur are yet still clueless why the shooting happened that very early morning.

4-day Long Weekend in August 2011

At least for a medical student, and others and government workers, it’s just like a reward to have a 4-day long weekend next month of August 2011.

long weekend

Accordingly, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said August 29, a Monday, and August 30, Tuesday, were declared to be non-working holidays on a radio interview.

Aren’t this a good news to all? Let’s all party for the 4-day Long Weekend in August 2011!

Monday Boredom

It’s very unusual to me lately that I easily get bored with all the things surrounding me. When I had my PC-TV, I only used it for the very first week. But until now, it’s just being dumped in the corner. Well, as I have said even before, I am not really a TV-holic young lass. Watching TV makes me feel even more bored.

Just when I arrived home, I did nothing but to check my stuffs online. I checked the most recent comments left in my blogs. I also do blog hopping to some chosen close blog buddies to me. And while doing such, I was reminded to check online casino again. Smiley I really missed doing this because I’ve been pre-occupied by lots of school works.

This has been what I used to do at home every time I get bored – playing roulette, especially when I just came from school. I could somehow say that playing such games is really relaxing. I could also consider it as a stress reliever and an anti-depressant. I never got depressed and stressed when I go online even in a whole day. I even enjoy it more. But I am not telling that studying my lessons – my books is a bored thing to do. What I mean is that, I am only human, needing some peace of mind and physical and mental rest. And one thing for me to do is such as what I mentioned above.

Woody Harrelson Celebrates 50th Birthday

Woodrick TracyWoodyHarrelson, a known American Actor, is celebrating his 50th birthday today.

One of the things I never forget about Woody Harrelson was when he was arrested after dancing in the middle of the street. Allegedly, it was disorderly conduct. I remember the big hype when Woody would play free online bingo and was said to have a gambling ‘addiction’, and many have asked if that turned into a real problem. In one quote, Woody was asked this same question, to which he replied,” It’s only a problem if you mind losing (grins). I just like gambling.” Clearly he’s a man who knows how to have a good time. He was also charged after resisting a police man and ran after him. And the most peculiar thing, I think, that he did when challenge the state law by distinguishing marijuana from industrial hemp where he live by planting a hemp. Off course, he has won the case.

Let’s Talk CHEVY!

I was supposed to get mad when an rv towing a cute little chevy in the middle of the street which resulted to a heavy traffic. However, since it’s a chevy, a cute in red colored car, I was instead feeling pity to the driver, or maybe she was the owner of the car seeing her chevy in not so good picture.

Anyway, talking about chevy which would surely make many consumers to be very excited, even I upon reading one news article online, is that the general motors company, one of the leading car manufacturers and providers in the world, will be selling a diesel-run chevy cruze. Ain’t it good to know, where in fact, diesel is one of the cheapest fluid gasoline that operates cars.

Another way to make your Chevy Cruze more efficient is changing out the old lighting system with a new one.  In particular, HID headlights are quite efficient, as they expend much more of their available energy directly as light, whereas standard halogen bulbs waste a lot of their available energy as heat emissions.  Since no one uses his or her Chevy Cruze’s headlights to keep the car’s interior warm on a cold day, this heat costs energy and yet provides no benefits.  With HIDs, that problem is eliminated.

Aren’t you excited to see and drive a diesel-run chevy in the near future?

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Celebration Day

This coming July 26, 2011 will be a celebration day for the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. The signing of the ADA was done way back 21 years ago.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) aimed to provide civil rights to people having disabilities or physically differently-able. And off course, disability insurance is presumably a part of this disability act. Maybe not a direct benefits given, but at least filing and applying for any insurances like this is being worked out and some help in processing such are being extended to people.

This, really, is a great action done by the government to their people in need of help.

Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

I supposed to lurk about where can I buy golf gps software since one of my techie friend asked a help regarding this. However, I was contained over the entertainment sections in the internet, most specifically about the recent movie trailers of Captain America: The First Avenger.

With just the movie trailer itself, I found Captain America: The First Avenger movie a great one. I will be marking my calendar for me to have a date with the ultimate Captain America. Ain’t that very exciting to have? Yay!

What Happened in Oslo, Norway?

Oslo, Norway has just recently experienced bombing attacks. It was suspected to be caused by a terrorist group which is yet unknown.

In a calm afternoon, around 3 o’clock, people in Oslo, Norway were shocked and trembled with the very unexpected bomb explosion causing 87 people died while many others were harmed. The city, after the incedence, was looking like warzone where in many building debris and bits of pieces of glasses were scattered else where.

It has been presumed that the target of the bombing is the Oslo, Norway’s prime minister. However, it has been confirmed by some media sectors that the prime minister is left safe and practically unharmed.

Things like these – unexpected bombing explosions, people should be very cautious with their environment if there’s one or two people or a group looking like so mysterious. Aside from that, if there’s any accidents – being harmed, there’s no other things to rely on for hospitalization and medication but life insurance benefits which need to be updated from time to time.

Hopefully, of whatever happens to Oslo, Norway, the people living and the government of Norway, itself, could recover so soon. May these things be stopped.