Google Doodles First Day of Summer 2011 by Takashi Murakami

I was looking for suitable birthday quotes for my brother’s birthday today when I saw Google‘s homepage today which doodles the first day of Summer 2011.

Anyway, today, June 22, 2011, is my brother, Carlo, 30th birthday. I don’t exactly know what are they planning to do today, I mean, those who are at home, his wife and the kids, because his Mother-in-Law just recently died after a car accident. Their family is still in grief now, I guess, to hold any parties and celebrations.

I rather send some birthday quotes, perhaps with some gifts, to my brother next week. I’m not sure yet. Hopefully, their family and his wife’s family could recover easily from the loss of his Mother-in-Law.

Cloud Computing Providers

I’ve been hearing about cloud computing providers from several IT specialists, not to mention – some of them are my schoolmates from the University of the Philippines Mindanao. But I didn’t know exactly what do cloud computing providers do not until one of them shared a PDF file explaining what and how cloud computing providers work.

I’m not an IT or computer specialist. I am just a Bachelor of Science in Biology graduate which is very far from computer works. But I do blog. Perhaps the reason why I have some, honestly, just a few knowledge about cloud computing providers.

A little knowledge, after all, ain’t bad. Right?

Google Doodles Total Lunar Eclipse 2011

Tonight will be the first Total Lunar Eclipse this year.

If you happen to visit Google homepage, you surely can see how Total Lunar Eclipse happens.

Michele Bachmann Running for US Presidency Seat

It says June is the best month to get married. Indeed, I have a lot of friends getting hooked in June of this year. I don’t know why such like that. In fact, one of my friends will be going to Las Vegas to attend for his cousin’s wedding. And me personally getting curious how would it cost to get married abroad, I checked over the internet some affordable and cheapĀ  las vegas wedding hotel packages. Upon doing so, my attention caught by Michele Bachmann, the only Republican woman who has confirmed his presidential candidacy for the US 2012 political race.

Aw! I adore her being intelligent and highly unique conservative woman. She ain’t be getting married, though, but her personality overrides my desire to either read more about her political views than searching more about Las Vegas wedding hotel packages. I won’t be getting married the soonest, perhaps the reason, and I won’t be going to Vegas also to attend any weeding events that is.

I’ll just search more about any wedding hotel packages as soon as I will be getting married or so. For now, I’ll just read more about Michel Bachmann’s presidency seat plans for the 2012 electoral race.

Jobs in Cebu City

Sometimes, when I am feeling boredom inside my room and only my medical books, medical school stuffs and my desktop computer are what I could always see, I thought of looking for any jobs here in Cebu City that fit for me.

Every Sunday, what I used to do is to buy a local newspaper here in Cebu City to look for jobs available. However, I seldom find jobs applicable for Bachelor of Science in Biology graduate. Instead, jobs for mechanical engineers are flooding. In a page or two of that local newspaper here, one could surely read and check an ad for mechanical engineers available for fresh graduates and for those with job-related experiences as well. Even a part time jobs for BS Biology graduates, I prefer a part time job because of my medical schooling, almost always no jobs available to such.

Do this means that I don’t need a job even a part time one? Or maybe, mechanical engineers are just in-demand for now? I don’t know.

SM City Cebu on Independence Day 2011

Since it was M’s birthday yesterday, we went to SM Cebu City to stroll and look for whatever we could do for his special day. While walking together inside the mall, we passed by in a Philippine flag made of coconut leaves heart-shaped rice pouches.

Ain’t it something new from SM City Cebu on Independence Day 2011?

Anyway, we actually went there, aside from planning to have M a blast for his birthday, to look and buy speakers for him since the newest set of speakers he had just on January this year was recently broken. He can’t pinpoint who did it because he happened to notice the damage of his speakers only when we get back here in Cebu City after our Bacolod City trip last month, May 2011. He forgot to keep his speakers inside his locker in the barracks – those were just left on his shelf beside his bed. Knowing that then, he felt anxious but he can’t blame and rant to anybody but only to me. LOL. So we then decided to better purchase a new one than crying over the spilled milk – broken speakers.

However, after I set a surprise dinner for him, the day just ended and we both forgot to buy speakers. Maybe, we could next time – there’s always a next time.

AirPhil Express P113 Seat Sale

Today marks the 113th celebration of the Philippine Independence. With such, AirPhil Expressis celebrating 113 years of Philippine Independence with One hundred thirteen pesos (P113) ONLY seat sale promo.

Promo period is just today, June 12 until tomorrow, June 13, 2011 only. And the travel period would be between Oct. 1 up until November 30, 2011.

Google Doodles Les Paul 96th Birthday

Today, Google doodles another American Jazz and Country Guitarist, Les Paul on his 96th Birthday celebration.

In Google homepage, one can see an image same as shown above but it’s just animated where one can even strike a string of a guitar-like forming the word Google.

Moreover, Les Paul, aside from being an American Jazz and Country Guitarist, is also a songwriter and an inventor. He’s one of the pioneers of the electric guitar and one of the brains in the innovations of recordings instruments.

On August 2009, Les Paul died after suffering from Pneumonia in White Plains Hospital, White Plains, New York.

4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway

In accordance to my 4th Blogging Year in the world wide web, I am giving away 4-year domain and 1-year hosting plan.

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White Flowers

This is my first time to join Wednesday White and I am ecstatic to share some of my “whites” captured by my camera.

Today, here’s my White Flowers during Ate Hazel’s Wedding in Bacolod City.

Happy Wednesday guys!