Jobs in Cebu City

Sometimes, when I am feeling boredom inside my room and only my medical books, medical school stuffs and my desktop computer are what I could always see, I thought of looking for any jobs here in Cebu City that fit for me.

Every Sunday, what I used to do is to buy a local newspaper here in Cebu City to look for jobs available. However, I seldom find jobs applicable for Bachelor of Science in Biology graduate. Instead, jobs for mechanical engineers are flooding. In a page or two of that local newspaper here, one could surely read and check an ad for mechanical engineers available for fresh graduates and for those with job-related experiences as well. Even a part time jobs for BS Biology graduates, I prefer a part time job because of my medical schooling, almost always no jobs available to such.

Do this means that I don’t need a job even a part time one? Or maybe, mechanical engineers are just in-demand for now? I don’t know.

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