WordPress 3.1.4 Update Available

Please bare with me! I am not a techie person, I am yet a medical student. Smiley

Anyway, WordPress has just recently released the latest version 3.1.4 and the 3.2 release candidate 3.

WordPress 3.1.4 is a security update of the previous releases.

For more information about the WordPress 3.1.4 (and 3.2 Release Candidate 3) head on to wordpress.org/news now!

Happy blogging!

Clearing Payday Loans

It’s payday for every employees today. Isn’t it? In fact, there just one payday seat sale promo special of one of the air transportation group in the country which I recently just blogged and posted about it. The seat sale promo only runs from yesterday, June 29, 2011 until today, June 30, 2011. The travel period will be from July 15, 2011 until September 30, 2011.

Nonetheless, today is also a payday to all debits and loans.

Oh gosh! Pay day again!“, this is just one of the things most often heard from every working personnel. Off course, monthly dues, loans and other debits should be cleared before the end of the month.

Anyway, I’ve been talking about payday loans online before that I was once enticed to grab the opportunity. However, upon reviewing the terms and conditions, though very client-friendly terms, I end up just until filling some forms because there’s already available cash flying to me then.

Payday loans online, as far as I see it from other online friends, are beneficial and advantageous in one way or another. Mostly, those who avail the loans are having the emergency need of cash like for school tuition and other fees, hospitalization and other stuff. In fact, I have read over the internet one of the testimonials of the client sharing about her need for the emergency hospitalization of her husband. She wasn’t expecting that health problem would happen to her and her family. She sent her husband to the hospital. Her husband stayed for a week there. After her husband was discharged from the hospital, she was shocked with the bills she needed to pay. That time, she was also needing some more money for her children’s payment in school. And as she concluded in her testimonials, she has had nothing to run on but to avail and apply for payday loans online. She was also able to clear that payday loan.

AirPhil Express June 2011 Pay Day Promo Special

AirPhil Express is having another seat sale promo this month aside from the very recent Piso seat sale on Tuesday. But today, it is a Pay Day Special.

Selling period of this pay day promo special is only from today up until tomorrow, June 29 – 30, 2011.

One Step Higher

After a year of having page rank 2, I guess, Mr. G is already feeling pity with my buzzing blog here so he’s rewarding me now with a step higher than 2. My news blog now is having a page rank of 3.

It’s yet too little to think but, I tell you, it’s worth to blog and celebrate. Do I need to shout it? Smiley

Anyway, I won’t blab here more about the benefits of higher page rank anymore because I presume, as a blogger, you already know some knowledge about page ranking or maybe just the most basic one. Simply, it’s because I am not a techie person. I mean, I don’t know how to explain techie things. But I do understand, off course. One thing’s for sure in the blogging world, the higher the PR, the more $$$ are coming.  Ain’t it true? Smiley

My other blogs with good PR now are:

AirPhil Express PISO Seat Sale

It’s an early Christmas treat to every traveler from AirPhil Express.

AirPhil Express is having it’s ONE PESO seat sale promo today. Saying it again, it’s just PISO to fly domestically from Dec. 20, 2011 up until Jan. 1, 2012.

Columbo Star, Peter Falk, Dies from Alzheimer’s Disease

“Columbo” Star PETER MICHAEL FALK, died after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Peter Falk is an American actor who is known for his role in the television series Columbo. Falk has been nominated for Academy Award. He has won an Emmy Awards for the television series Columbo and also won the Golden Globe Award.

Best EBook Store

I’ve been downloading medical ebook lately from a number of ebook online stores. However, I encountered one problem after successfully downloaded one medical ebook. Upon opening the ebook, I couldn’t read some of the texts. I don’t really know why that happened. But when I asked one of my friends who used to download ebooks also, he said it might be not a genuine ebook store.

I then decided to look for the best and genuine ebook store online.

Why need to look, should I say, prefer the best and genuine online ebook store? It is because, as I have mentioned above as an example, after downloading the whole book and when one user is reviewing the book, there might be some texts and images which wouldn’t be displaying properly. It would take much higher time to spend another queue to re-download just one book. But when downloading medical ebook from genuine ebook store, problems like such would be prevented.

Missy Elliot has Graves Disease

Just recently Missy Elliot, an American rapper, recording artist and a producer, revealed that she has Graves Disease.

She admitted that she was diagnosed suffering from Graves Disease since 2008. She even added that she has been undergoing radiation therapy for her thyroid to lessen the symptoms of Graves Disease.

Click What is Graves Disease to know more about Graves Disease.

Online Skill Games

I do play online casino games every time I get bored at home. But more often, when I do nothing but online casino. However, I can’t play casino online games in school because the doctors might catch me playing then. Since skill games are just allowed to play when using the internet at school, lately, I am more into playing skill games in school than playing casino online games.

In skill games, most specifically the online skill games, players need to make the best in making their strategies, performing best tricks, planning the most appropriate and applicable moves to win the said game. It’s because the players has the option to send their scores in the global score and leader boards. It means that the players need to register and log in, for instance in one of the online skill game sites like the skillgameshq.com.

One of the online skill games that I used to play when I am in school is the Aztec Temple 1. It is an “adventure” type of a skill game. It is actually about traveling the whole world. And while having such travel, the player encounters an Aztec temple along his way. The Aztec temple has jewels inside it. What the player needs to do is to get out of the temple as early as possible before the big door of the temple closes.

For me, it’s very exciting because it’s a travel-like game. But off course, when the going gets tough because of the time pressure, it’s getting more adventurous.

Perform This Way (Parody of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga)

I was made my mouth shut off when I saw this video. And I can’t help but to share. What do you think?

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