Happy Memorial Day 2011 USA!

Today, May 30, 2011, the last Monday of May, the United States of America is celebrating its 2011 Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day 2011 USA!

I only understand a few about the Memorial Day celebration of the United States. I neither am good nor liked history; perhaps the reason why I never put any serious attention to my teachers during my senior high school years in our History class. Yeah, I ain’t kidding disclosing how bad was my History grades before. At least, I still manage to pass the subject.

Anyway, as what I have lurked about the US Memorial Day celebration, it is celebrated as an honor to the soldiers who won the freedom of the United States. Isn’t it sweet to think of? Or maybe I’m just carried away the thought that I have my hubby M that is a soldier too? LOL!

Seriously, I honor soldiers even before I met my hubby. Soldiers put all the risks to battle against unlikely people wanting to govern a country with just a single firearm and nothing more. When in battle, they almost forget their-selves just to win such. Their family, friends and relatives are all left at home when they are on call to perform their duty and responsibility for the country.

Truly, they should be honored and remember; being such a heroic in their little ways.

Happy Memorial Day 2011 USA!


Happy Memorial Day 2011 USA! — 2 Comments

  1. Being a veteran myself i thank you for the post. All veterans do need a day because of what they do to try and keep the peace.