Summer Classes for Didong and Didang

Didong and Didang are already 4 years old. Didong celebrated on December 1 while Didang, has just recently turned 4 on April 17.

Taken on December 2010 during the family Christmas Party
Both kids are very enthusiastic now when talking about going to school. In fact, my sister, Bait, has bought a lunch tote and kid duffle bags for the kids. She also provided the kids with writing pens and papers inside a Stephen Johnson toddler backpacks. Didong has a Naruto-design on it while Didang has Dora design too.

Last February 2011, my mom was sharing her plans to send the kids to summer classes or summer camping. I told her that if I could come home, I’ll be attending with them. So my mom waited until I got home.

However, so sad to think that when I got home, I suffered from different illnesses that even caused me to be confined. The preplanned summer classes for the kids were not pushed thru. I don’t know what the plans of my sister, brother and mom as of this time.


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  1. ka-cuteness ni didong ug didang oi! lami ingkiton ang mga chunky kaayo nga flesh! lol

    gay, gi-add na pud naku all your blogs sa parenting naku. 🙂