Rushing to Download

Since I will be flying back to Cebu City tomorrow and my computer unit, Maysa, will be flying back with me also, my cousin is rushing to the free mp3 downloads opportunity from a free downloading website that he’s checking since then. Maysa, my desktop computer unit, functions the fastest when it comes to accessing internet down-loadable sites like music and movies. That’s why my cousin is rushing now to download all the music that he’s wanting to have.

Anyway, as soon as I get back to Cebu City, I will be checking my fave websites for me to download free movies that I missed the past two weeks. I also have the newest sites given by my classmate in medical school which he uses every time he downloads movies. The site is very good, according to him, because the feed sites of that specific source fees faster compared to other websites offering free downloads of movies.Oh well, I gotta check that websites myself as soon as I get back to Cebu City. I already have listed a couple of movies that I am wanting to watch days before our classes in medical school starts. I also wanted to check those movies that I have already watched years back but I am getting thrilled remembering some of the clips of those movies, so I guess, I better get a copy of the movie so anytime I’d want to watch it even in my apartment, I could easily access then. Isn’t that a good thing? What do you think?

So, I gotta pack my baggage now. See you then!


Rushing to Download — 2 Comments

  1. Happy downloading GG, me too have a stack of new downloads all waiting for me to watch! 😀