Rainy Summer Vacation 2011

Summer is supposed to be hot and sweaty. Isn’t it?

But here in our province, in out farm town, it’s the most opposite.

Heavy rain taken in our farm town
The muddy roads welcomed me when I arrived home. I haven’t even seen until now any smiles from Mr. Sunny. This is the worst summer vacation I am having here ever since I could remember.

And as one expects to any who’re used in a normal cooling temperature, working or even just moving in a cold weather around is not very conducive to such. In fact, in my more than a week of stay here, I only do eat, sleep, play over the computer, eat and then back again. However, I still didn’t get much weight so I don’t need weight loss green tea anymore though it’s a good extra fat removal drink. This is because I was confined for 24-hours in the hospital after suffering from diarrhea.

Hey, talking more about tea, my elder sister is wanting to loss weight before the school year 2011 starts. She is a librarian, she’s Didong’s mom. She has been trying a number of diet pills but those just work while the pills are taken in but when she stopped, she always get those fats back. As she said, as a librarian in a university, it doesn’t cause her to move all her body all day. That’s maybe the cause why she easily gets fat. What my mom advised her lately is to try tea drinks which my mom read and heard from her friends like Tava Tea, which is good fro losing extra fat.

Anyway, I’ll be flying back so soon in Cebu City, there, it’s too hot, a very opposite here. So maybe, Mr. Sunny will only see me there. Smiley

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