Once a Student, Always a Student!

Studying is good. There’s nothing to question about that. It’s learning. It’s fun.

I’ve been studying, as far as I could count, for more than 15 years now counting back from primary school grader up until now, in medical school, a post graduate degree. A lot of people, whether close friends and not, keep on asking me how does it feels being a student for a long time. I only said, in a humorous way, “it’s like the saying that goes, once you pop, you can never stop“. Isn’t it? Maybe this only applies just for me, once a student, always a student!However, sometimes, that statement being threw and asked to me has caused me to think more often, especially when medical school burdens me with a lot of books and other stuffs to do, of where am I would be if I didn’t enter the medical school. Yeah, really, where do you think would I be if after college, finished a Bachelors Degree in Biology, I chose to look for a job rather studying?

Looking at a couple of classmates from college now, they all has their own free-will to whatever they would want to do and go where ever they feel awesome getaways to drop off. They’re also busy filing for some government pertinent papers. Do you think an ordinary student like me is having a T.I.N. now? I haven’t tried even a free tax filing nor holding a tax filing form. I don’t even understand much about file tax extension. The government has nothing earned goodies from me yet. I only spent bucks from my parents for sending me to school.

Oh well, I just want to blubber here since I know, only my blogs could absorb freely what I am feeling and thinking in random.

Don’t worry, I still enjoy studying. It’s indeed fun and worry-free from anxious employers! LOL!