No More Pet Blog

Blogging has been part of my life since I started with one. Then I created another until I’m having three blogs, each having its own domain now. Though getting busy with school, medical career, is often encountered, at least, I could still manage to make a post or two, sometimes more, in a week. I have made my schedules a need-to-spare even an hour to update the three blogs.

Lately, for the past months, creating a new blog, preferably a pet blog is what I am thinking of. I know it’s easy to build one but the problem is on how to make the goodness out of the newly built blog within these days for me? SmileyLet’s say, I already have my pet blog with its own domain. How will I then work for its optimization? Should I rely mainly on companies offering online seo services? SEO services online are good and one could surely guarantee that the money spent are worth. It’s really valuable making a magic of one’s blog’s rank over the world wide web. However, I’m pretty sure that if I won’t be giving a hand, personally, on my new blog, it has a very minimal eyes in the social media marketing. I am not telling that my recent blogs are on top, but at least, they have been set already like links, PR, and other basics in blogging.

For now, my pet blog is still in queue to be published or not. Its domain only need a single click , though, to get published then. So as of the moment, no new blog yet!


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