New Library for My Librarian Sister

My sister Bait, Didong’s mom, a graduate and licensed librarian, has just recently assigned to a new school, a tertiary school, as the college librarian. And on Monday, April 25, 2011, was her first day of duty.

This school, college, is not her first school assignment as a head librarian. If am not mistaken, this is her 4th school already. She has been assigned in Davao City and Butuan City before. But she stopped for the reason I do not know and decided to just be here nearer at home.As she shared, the library of the new school is just ok. There are only a few things to change inside the library like the modern chairs and tables for each student’s use while inside the library and the executive desks for hers and a colleague. The rest, everything are still looking good and satisfying for her which are good to hear for at least, she has nothing more to do much for the library.

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