Didang’s Pink Dora Birthday Cake

If I’m not mistaken, I have shared to you already about the 4th birthday of my niece, Didang, which she wanted to be a Pink Dora – themed one. Smiley
And yeah, I didn’t fail Didang.

Pink Dora Cake I bought for Didang

When I got home last week, I immediately took time to check for Pink Dora Birthday Cake of Didang that I promised to give her. I didn’t wait for payday advances that time, instead, hurriedly checked some Dora goodies over the cake store.

Since I am just in our farm town, a four-hour travel, by land, away from Davao City and I was not feeling good that time, I just asked one of my close buddies in Davao to order and reserve a pink Dora birthday cake for me. I sent him the payment and since, as I have said, I wasn’t feeling good, it was my elder sissy who claimed the pre-ordered cake I had in Davao.

The cake was mocha-flavored, as what my mum, Didang’s granny, suggested. Though, not the usual kiddie taste the mocha-flavor as I thought, but by far, Didang’s kiddie friends loved it and their respective families also.

No faxing payday loans I have tried though none though, but I still had no problems regarding how much it costs me because the cake store where I usually order and buy cakes since then, provides the cheap costs for cakes but sure to be very delicious. And with regards to payday loans, those are non-arguably beneficial, however, I’m not in need yet as of now.

Details and more images on Didang’s birthday, I will be blogging those in my personal blog one of these days.


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