Bruno Mars Concert Today, April 7, in Cebu City

It’s already 11 o’clock in the evening yet I could hardly sleep. Tonight’s the concert of Bruno Mars here in Cebu City which I missed grabbing even one ticket. It was really a regrettable thing for me, much more, bothering me.Earlier, my sister called, she asked me if I’d be watching Bruno Mars live in Cebu City concert. I was almost to cry hearing that thing from my sister, reminding me of the concert. I just told her that if I’m a friend of Bruno Mars, I should have asked him for a Musician’s Friend coupon codes or maybe just the Musician’s Friend discount code for his concert. Smiley But, what else can I do? Even a single letter from my name, Bruno Mars didn’t know. Smiley

If and only if we’re really friends, I really grab that opportunity asking him for the said tickets. coupons are very advantageous to those avid fans of musicians. Discounts, promos codes and a lot more are available for a grab any time online. Aside from that, bargain deals, promotional codes and internet services are offered also.

Isn’t it nice?

Well, even how awesome those deals are, still, I wasn’t able to witness Bruno Mars here in Cebu City. Smiley


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  1. Oh no!!! You missed the concert?!! Never mind, there'll always be a next time : )