What makes the “SUPERMOON” Super?

There’s nothing to worry about the moon being such SUPERMOON tonight.

Many speculations regarding natural disasters would happen as soon as the SUPERMOON shows. But this has nothing to do with natural disasters happening around the world.The moon, actually, will just have its closest setting with the planet Earth so to be looking like a super ball, a big ball, the biggest full moon tonight at around 2 o’clock in the morning, here in the Philippines.

Image credits from Beyond the Norms

On Saturday night, the moon will arrive at perigee at 19:09 UT (3:09 p.m. Eastern Time). Its distance from the Earth at that moment will be 221,565 miles. But just over three years ago, on Dec. 12, 2008, which was also the night of a full moon, the moon reached perigee at 21:39 UT (4:39 p.m. Eastern Time) at a distance of 221,559 miles, about 6 miles closer than Saturday night’s perigee distance.

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Isn’t it super? SmileyGetting excited now to see the moon, the supermoon, in its biggest full moon? Watch it later and see for yourself how big the biggest supermoon ever!


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