Two More Exam Weeks before Summer Vacation

Even in post graduate schools, a medical student like me, is still always looking forward for no class announcements and most especially vacations. Talking about vacations, summer vacation is is yet near. It’s actually two more exam weeks to go and boom, sure to get myself drown from foods, beaches, and more with my family.

As I have said earlier, it’s two more examination week to go. Yes, you heard it right. Two more weeks of examination and completion of requirements. Telling you, we still have flooding of paper works, not to mention our research paper, which is supposed to be submitted last week. But because our examinations has just started last Monday, I and my group mates in research have had hard time dividing our schedules from studying for examinations and doing our research papers. We are also having trouble with the statistical analysis of our research study since our research adviser was requiring us to do opposing statistical method to what the statistician has analyzed. The worst thing is that both of them have different schedules in meeting us causing much more delay of our research paper. Smiley

In fact, as a group leader of our research study, I had been receiving reminders already from our adviser regarding the delay of our paper. She might as well give us an INR (incomplete requirements) record instead giving us a numeral grade. Smiley

Off course, I don’t think I can accept that myself. Know what, I even thought, once on the past days, to just look for essay helper, writer or buy essay online, instead. I know and I’m a bit sure that there are cheap essay online stores. But hey, I am a writer – a research writer, to be specific. However, doing research paper at this time between bundles of examination schedule is not favorable for me. I cannot concentrate because of the dancing exams.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be ranting here about our research paper. Once the week is over, I am sure, the research paper is already submitted. Smiley I’d rather keep things moving before summer vacation coz that’s what making me more excited to look things forward!

Yay! for summer vacation! Smiley


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